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Lovers of Matoke Unite begins to explore how the women could build their networks based upon regional connections. Matoke Lovers living in Kampala are especially keen on matoke from their home region, which in this scenario is Mbarara. The scenario plays out a few example conversations that may occur as the matoke vendors of Bugolobi Market serve as a connection point between two expansive networks, both of which they’ve initiated: Matoke Mbarara Network and Matoke Mbarara Customers. This scenario emerged in part from thinking about the flavors of content and information that the women matoke vendors could facilitate, produce, and offer to provide added value for their customers on a regular basis.

PDF: Lovers of Matoke Unite

Query the System begins to explore how members could use querying functionality to get another member’s phone number in order to send a private message. How does querying either enhance or jeopardize members’ security and privacy of both information and messages? It also suggests that the permanence of SMS can work both for and against members. Thinking about the security of messages on this ground level suggests that members may need to proactively delete messages from their phones in order to preserve their well-being.

PDF: Query the System

MPs and Margaret explores the potential for mini lists to be shaped by not just the mini list creator, but by all members. Should actions to expand a mini list require confirmation from at least three other mini list members? In addition, what are the implications of mini list members being identified by name, number, or not at all, whether to the creator or other members of the mini list? What new relationships, values, connections, or motivations emerge as women create their own mini lists?

PDF: MPs and Margaret

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