“one treasured object for another”

We believe that we are all caretakers of objects in our lives, sale and everyone has an emotional attachment to those objects. The extent of our emotional attachment and the story behind the objects determine the object’s value. Our valuation process defines this value and aids in the exchange of one treasured object for another.

How it works:

  • Posting: post your treasured object
  • Browsing: browse objects in our library
  • Connecting: connect with other traders
  • Giving: offer a trade
  • Receiving: receive a treasured object in return


The concept, components, and design of Traveling Treasures developed through collaboration with nine talented interaction design students.

Traveling Treasures is a complex, service oriented system consisting of hot media, cool media, and physical space. Each team member worked to design, develop, and prototype a particular component within the greater system.

Regular group meetings, document sharing over Google Drive, and consistent email communication helped to ensure that all components co-existed together in a larger context.

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