• Design and Carrots
  • Sharing Food
  • Surveys
  • Market Maps
  • Nakasero Market
  • Social Networks
  • Selfies
  • Skype
  • Smocks

Entering Bugolobi Market

ICT4[n] developed from a total of eleven weeks of field work and design research in Uganda. The last two weeks were entirely focused in Bugolobi Market in Kampala, Uganda.

For women throughout Africa, open-air markets – and the salons that often surround those markets – serve as important network nodes for the social, entrepreneurial, and political networks of women. These contexts and the networks they produce foster power and autonomy, providing opportunities to own a business, spend time away from husbands, build financial security, and develop social and economic support through savings associations.

The goal of the research was to understand how women in Bugolobi Market could leverage information and communication technologies to both build upon present and create new networks of distributed strength.

Methods: in-depth interviews, participatory activities, co-designed surveys, designed visualizations and prompts, ethnographic research, SMS application prototypes, technology-based interventions

Participants: 30+ women, 10-56 years old, occupations include student, vendor, shop owner, and restaurateur

Visualizations: View Mapping of Daily Negotiations in Bugolobi Market