• Pharidah Ddamulira Field Coordinator
  • Maama System Admin
  • Joan Nankya Field Researcher
  • Catherine Apalat Field Researcher

The Field Team assisted with development, deployment, and examination of the research project prototypes and outcomes. Consisting predominantly of women, whether young professional Ugandans or market vendors, the Field Team also included one man – Jude Mukundane, the Script Manager.

Team members served not only as a point of connection to the market, but also as a way to explore how the skills of the women of Bugolobi Market could be made a resource in the design process, further “changing participant profiles in the co-design processes from final users with problems and needs to actors that bring local knowledge, specific competencies, and ideas for solutions” (Manzini and Rizzo 2011, 3).

Joan and Catherine conducted field visits in Bugolobi Market weekly while Pharidah visited every other week. Team meetings were held over Skype. Field guidelines were sent over email. Photo and video documentation was exchanged through Dropbox. Money was transferred through Western Union. Launching a new iteration of the Bugolobi Market Mailing List always brought Jude to the forefront as we tested, tested, and tested while chatting on Facebook.

Working closely with the Field Team for five months required embracing both the invaluable contributions of people and the challenges of Ugandan infrastructure, even while tucked 9,405 miles away in the studio in Pasadena, CA.

Read more either on my blog or in the ‘Distributed Strength’ and ‘Feminism in Bugolobi Market’ sections of my ICT4[n] book.